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You can save a life by joining our passionate and growing donor community. Contact Raleigh Miller (raleigh@adhocgac.com; 816-861-5511) to learn about flexible donation options, including:

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Lives: Not Numbers

AdHoc has been described as “Kansas City’s Social Service Emergency Room.” We are first responders in traumatic situations. People come to us when they have nowhere else to turn. But unlike in a hospital emergency room, the injuries we see cannot be fixed with medicine and bandages. The families we work with are experiencing trauma – the immediate trauma of victimization or loss, as well as the corrosive, generational trauma of violence and neglected communities.

Your donation provides life-saving care to families and individuals during times of crisis. The families we work with are coping with uncertainty, fear, or tragedy. Your donation ensures that critical supportive services are available when they are needed most.  

“My name is Antonio, and I’d like to introduce you to my father, Eliud. This picture was taken when he was just a few years older than I am now. My father was a great man. He was taken from us October 26, 2017 while trying to break up a fight. That is when AdHoc entered my story. Without these (counseling) sessions through AdHoc my life would be at a much darker place. It would feel impossible to see that there is Hope.”

Families throughout Kansas City need your help.  Give today to help a family like Antonio’s.

Additional Funding, Programs, and Awards:


AdHoc’s Programs and Services Fund

The healing of the HEART is a journey that is Never to be traveled alone. These funds help strengthen and expand prevention and intervention community programs. Examples: Grief Counseling, Healthy relationship classes, Crisis intervention, Cognitive behavior interventions, Diversion program, and Community events.


AdHoc Reward Fund

Generated to assist with unsolved homicides by providing rewards for information leading to an arrest.


General Operating Support

The AdHoc staff works tirelessly at ground level to meet the needs of community members in crisis. A gift to our general operating fund impactfully promotes healing and justice by maximizing our ability to nimbly respond to our clients’ needs.


Fresh Start Program

Threats of violence make it unsafe for a person to testify or continue to reside in their current home. AdHoc saw there was a need to give these survivors a way to escape the threat of violence and have a Fresh Start.

For questions, please contact us at 816-861-5500.

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816.861.5500/24-Hour Community Hotline 816.753.1111


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